Make My Cake
Phone: 334-714-1168
Flavor Choices:

Italian Creme       Pound Cake     Peanut Butter
Butternut              Chocolate
Coconut                 Caramel
Orange Slice         Red Velvet
Lemon Cheese     Hummingbird
Vanilla                  Wedding White
Choices, Choices, Choices!
Size Choices:

 Round- 6,8,9,10,12, and 14 inches
 Square- 6,8,10,12,and 14 inches
Sheet- 9x13 in., 11x15in., 12x18in., and full sheet
Cupcakes- regular and jumbo
Other shapes and sizes are available upon request.
Icing Choices:

Butter cream       Vanilla
Chocolate            Cream Cheese
Coconut              Kahlua Mocha BC
Other flavors available upon request. 
Filling Choices:

Vanilla         Chocolate
Strawberry    Lemon
Raspberry    Custard
Other fillings are available 
upon request.
Cake Choices
Cookie and Brownie Choices:

Heath Bar        Black& White Hearts
Whoopie Pies    M&M
Chocolate Chip    Frosted Sugar
Peanut Butter
​Choices not limited to list above.
Nuts can be added to most .
Lemon Bars       Chocolate Brownies
Pecan Pie Bars   Blondies
Rocky Road Brownies
Dulce de Leche Blondies
Caffeinated Goat Brownies
Choices not limited to list above.
Please call or email for date availability and pricing.